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I finished medical college in Kazan and work as a nurse at the hospital.

for Him

Hello, Brian!
I am very glad to get your letter. How are you?
I have some pictures and soon I'll send them to you.
Dear Brian, please tell me more about your life, your american family, I am interested in everything.
I finished medical college in Kazan and work as a nurse at the hospital. I like my work very much because I like to work with people and feel that people need me.
I live with my parents and younger sister.
In my free time I like to go to the village and work in the kitchen-garden.
I'd like to know about your traditions and culture.
What are your plans for future? What do you appreciate in people?
 When do you plan to visit Kazan and meet me?
I wish you a nice weekend,
  from Kazan, Russia

single girl Oksana   from Kazan, Russia

Hello Oksana!

I am a new member of "Kazan dating agency". As you, I am looking for a partner for my life. Maybe you are wondering why I choose this way. The answer is rather simple but maybe difficult to understand for you. I have been facinated by the charme, charisma and the inner fire of the women from former Soviet Union. The strongness and the beauty they carry is unfortunately disappeared in my country. But which is my country and who I am ?

I am Swiss and have lived all my life in Switzerland. My native language is German but I studied French, English and I am still trying to find time to improve my Russian knowledge which is rather limited despite the long time I work on it. But so far I have had almost no practise and even less time to study ...

I am 178 cm tall, 58 kg, slim, have brown hairs and brown eyes. I am a healthy man, do not smoke and drink very socially. I am a calm person who respect other people very much. I like a big sense of humor in my life. I value trust and honesty very high.

I have graduated from business school almost 8 years ago. I have worked the last years for a steal trade company in office as steal dealer and I belong to junior management of the company. I also attend an additional business school for improving my chances in business life. This will also help to make the life for my future family more confortable.

In my spare time I like to read, to go to the movies or theater, to travel, to photograph, to make some sports and enjoying the nature.

I have never been marry and have no children. I still live with my parents because I have no brothers and no sisters and we have a very big house. My dream is to meet a Kazan girl like you on this way. I understand it won't be possible to get to know each other by writing letters so a visit in your Kazan city would be no problem if we will find out that there is something between us.

I hope very much you will decide to write to me and that this will be the begin of a wonderful and neverending love story.


    from Emmenbrucke,  6020 Switzerland

I send you a photo of my house.
a photo of my house
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Hi, Oksana!

I have been a member of Kazan matchmaking site since January 2012 and have written to many Kazan brides from dating site, but with no luck.  One problem i have is trying to find the new ladies you add without going through all the dating profiles which is a very lengthy process.

Manager suggested that i write to each office manger and ask to forward the profile numbers of new Kazan ladies. 

i am 42 y.o professional, well educated...  You should have my matchmaking profile on record.  The type woman i am interested in is 18-34 well educated-at least university... 
Professional-doctors, lawyers, economists are the type woman that interests me and the type woma i date here in the US.

no more than one child...   prefer petite and very pretty..  I ask alot i know, but the woman that Ichoose and who chooses me will be know she is deeply loved and respected each moment of her life...

Could you please forward the profile numbers of "Kazan girls" newest members?

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 15:20 Reply
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