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I work in the Samara private firm. I am bookkeeper. My duties are: bookkeeper, secretary and manager of realization.

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Hello, Kyle!
 How are you?
I’m fine. I’m so sorry for my silence.
I work in the Samara private firm. I am bookkeeper. My duties are: bookkeeper, secretary and manager of realization. Our firm is engaged in realization of remedy for defense the plants for formers and landowners.
In fact I finished Industrial Institute in Samara. My speciality is economist and bookkeeper. But with our economic situation in my country I worked in different places with different specialities: auditor in currency tax inspection; bookkeeper, shop-assistant in private firm, manager of realization of oil products, manager of realization of juices, wines, vodkas.
From my childhood I dream to be a doctor. I am not afraid of blood and if someone needs help I do it. But at school I had many difficulties with chemistry. Then I wanted to be lawyer. But we have not juridical University in Samara.
That’s why I entered to the Industrial University. In fact I continue the dynasty of my family. My mother is bookkeeper in National Bank of Russia. But I like the work of manager. I like to communicate with people.
I’m sorry I don’t speak English. But I think it's not a problem; as if necessary I will learn it.
 I send to your photography my cat Dumka ( for English - Foggy) .
Write my about your work.
Write back soon.
Looking forward your letter,
Sincerely yours,
  from Samara, Russia

single feminine Svetlana from Samara, RussiaI send to your photography my cat Dumka ( for English - Foggy)

Hello, Svetlana!
My name is Kyle, you may have already seen my dating profile. There I am listed as "Michael". But my friends call me Kyle.
I am a good honest hard working man who dreams of having a beautiful american family more than anything in life. I love life and I am very happy, but I am missing one special thing: my soulmate from Samara. I have looked for her all of my life and I will never find her in America. Wherever she is, I already love her, but I do not know her name! I have not seen her face! Whoever she is, she is I alread love and cherish her more than many women ever will be. Finally, I have come here, to the internet, to see if she is one of these beautiful Samara's ladies from overseas. Years ago I stood on a beach one night and imagined that my dream girl was across the ocean. I will never stop until I find my dream girl. I am writing to you because I have seen your photo and matchmaking profile. My friends tell me that I will never find my dream girl because my expectations are too high. I do not listen to them. I know my expectations are high, but I also know that I am a very good man and that I have a lot to offer in return to the one I will love. I am looking for a Samara girl who is kind and gentle, affectionate and faithful. Not too "proper", not too "stern" I am not looking for a girl who will clean and cook all the time. These things are of small importance compared to true love. Also, importantly, I hope to find a virgin. This is rare in the world, almost impossible in America, and I know many women would laugh when they read that I want my wife to be a virgin, but this is a special woman who wants her husband to be very special to her and to be her only lover. If I have not offended you, then you understand what feel. If I have offended you by even speaking of the subject, then I apologize, but my motives are honorable, I believe there is much romance in this, a kind that many can never experience. I know I surely do not deserve such a woman, but I refuse to give up hope! I hope to meet a russian girl who wants to have children, the number does not matter to me, one or many. I hope to meet a girl from Samara, who can communicate with me even when we are angry, or when she does not feel well. I am the kind of man who does not like to go to bed knowing that there is strife in my life, and I hope I meet a russian girl who believes this way. I hope to meet a girl who smiles when we see each other, and loves to hold hands, cuddle, and just be sweet together. I want us to stare into each other's eyes and see each other's souls and fall deeper and deeper in love each and every time.
In my free time, I have many hobbies, too many to list because I often try new things. Some things I like are: Outdoors nature things, camping, all kinds of motorsports especially cars, paintball, skiing, swimming, martial arts, there are many things I have yet to try. I am studying the Russian language, I am only a beginner. I also like computers, science fiction movies, many kinds of music, musical instruments, dancing ( I am not good ), and poetry and romantic movies. I have very good and gentle friends and sometimes we get together at a home and play music, sing songs, eat and just have a good time. They all have girlfriends or wives, but I am waiting for someone even more special.
I have a good job and a good house, a good lifestyle. No bad habits. I am not rich with money, but locked up in my heart I have all of the love in the world waiting for some special russian girl. If you think I sound like the kind of man you want to meet, please write. I am waiting. If you are my dream girl, I have been waiting for you for a very very long time my dear, and the day we both know would be the happiest day of my life!

    Spindale, NC 28160   United States
from Kyle: my house view, Spindale, NC 28160   United States
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