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I got divorced and my ex-husband doesn't participate in my sons' upbringing at all. He has another family and he must think it to unnecessary to visit his children.

for Him

Hello dear Robin!
I got your letter and I am very grateful for your response. I am very glad we keep corresponding, I am very glad we became friends.
some words about my life:
 I got divorced and my ex-husband doesn't participate in my sons' upbringing at all. He has another family and he must think it to unnecessary to visit his children. His wife may forbid him to. I don't know.
I work as an administrator or it may be formulated a bit easier: I am my Boss's right hand. When he is away I fulfill his functions. My work is not too hard, I mostly deal with papers, talk to people, sign contracts. I have days off as any other normal people. I try to spend them all with my boys. The elder son Vlad goes dancing. My younger son Dima tries to learn writing, he went to school this year. I used to go dancing professionally, too. But when an accident happened to me in 2013 I couldn't go on dancing. But Vlad is my double: he is a great dancer. He dreams of owning his dancing class if his financial status lets him. I used to travel much. I took part in various concerts and did a lot of traveling, indeed. I enjoy spending time with my friends, going to the forest for picnics or to the seaside. We enjoy climbing mountains in the Crimea. We may sometimes take a train, go to some other city, have a room at a hotel and go sightseeing. Going to the seaside is what I enjoy most. What could be more wonderful than sitting on the night beach at the fire and watching the sunset, it is very romantic! I have no father, my mother is a remarkable person. She is retired and helps me to look after my kids. She used to work in a semi-conductor factory as an operative.
I would also like to meet you one day, Robin. We will never know what our eyes might tell...
Frankly speaking, I can't imagine my life in the USA, but I think we all get used... And if my beloved person is with me then it will not be a problem at all. I worry about my boys, they are easily-hurt at their age, they are eager to have a father who would protect and take care of them. I gave them everything I could, but I will never substitute a father... I wish I met a man who would give all his love to his loving family. I value honesty, I don't like lies. I am rather kind and tender and I would like my life partner to be the same way. I don't like selfishness.
Well, that seems to be all by now. I am sending you some of my photos.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

   from Perm
Russian fiancee Nataliya from Perm

Dear Russian girl Nataliya ,
  My name is Larry and I am a new client at "Perm dating agency". First let me say that I search for my soulmate with all seriouness and only with the intentions of finding true russian love. I do not seek a woman to answer to my needs for I am a strong man and I am capable of this myself. I have more respect for the woman that I love than to ask her to take care of my needs. I believe when two people truely love each other they both take pleasure in taking care of each other without being asked to do so. My search will not end until I have found my partner and I will not be happy with anything other than true love.
  I will explain why I come to the Perm matchmaking agency. I live in the United States of America in the State of Texas. In my country women are more interested in the amount of money a man makes than the way they are treated. If the man has a large bank account he is allowed to treat the women as he chooses and the women allow this for fear of loosing the man as a provider. This is not the type of relationship I wish to have. I will not have a woman love me based on my earnings. I am considered a high wage earner in my country. I have a good job and I like it very much. In the state in which I live there are very few people who are skilled in my profession so I travel alot in my work. I will be a good provider and I wish my new family to have every comfort that I can make available to them but I will not buy a woman's love. I am a generous man but not a foolish man. My heart is not for sale and any gift I give is not a reward. It is an expression of love from me to you. My future russian wife from Perm must understand this and agree with my feelings. I would treat my new wife as a queen but only out of love for her and nothing else.
  I have good moral values for my father was a very good man. My father died in 2008 but I hold his teachings close to me for I hope to be as good of a husband and father as he was to my family. I hold true to those values in honor of his memory. I am strong in my convictions and do not yield when things get difficult. I am the provider and protector of all of those that I hold dear to my heart and will allow no harm to come to them. I am responsible and mature yet inside of me still lives a young boy who loves to play when he is allowed to. I love to laugh and I sometimes act foolish as a child would but I am also a serious man who is dedicated to caring for his family. When it is not required that I be strong and hard, I am soft and tender. I can touch you as tenderly as a butterfly and kiss you as softly as the breeze. I do not speak to those that I love in a loud voice. I do not teach children values but using physical force as many in my country do. I will never harm a child or allow them to be harmed in my presence. This holds true for my wife also. I believe to teach a child good values one must first show good morals in daily life for the child to see. If a child sees and feels love, he will grow to be a person who gives love. If a child sees a happy home and a loving family working together, they will make their home this way when they have families of their own.
  The woman that I seek should have many of the same values as I have. Together, we will be equal partners. When she is weak, I will be strong for her and I will hold her close and protect her. When I am unsure of the road I travel, she will take my hand and lead me to the light. Together we will overcome all of the difficulties of life by leaning on each other. I will be her strength and she will be my inspiration. I do not have any physical requirements of a woman. I believe that all women and men are worthy of being loved and deserve to be loved. While physical attraction is important it is secondary to the beauty of her soul. I am considered a handsome man by many in my country. I am 172cm, 155lbs and have an athletic build. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I do not have trouble meeting women who think I am attractive but I have yet to find the woman who is my soulmate. The woman who when she looks into my eyes, I know what she is thinking. The woman who knows exactly when to offer me support and exactly how to touch me to make me feel her love. I search for that one woman that I can communicate with without words.
  I will leave you now for I only wanted to introduce myself. If you would like to know more about me, please contact me and I will answer any questions you may have. I am very interested in learning about you as well. Tell me of your dreams. I wish my future wife to have many dreams and I will use all of my strength to make them come true.
I'm planning a trip to Perm/Russia this year.


    from Texas

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