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Hello from Novosibirsk, From your letter I understood that you are an interesting american man and I like it.

for Him

Hello, Marc!
i was pleased to get your letter. I enjoyed reading it.
From your letter I understood that you are an interesting american man  and I like it. I am sure that a man who is eager to learn much in life and try to use all its sides can achieve much from life. If  a person wants to understand and love something or somebody, he is sure to get reciprocity.
I try to be sincere, understanding, caring, attentive in my life.  I like travelling through recently I can't do it because of our economic crisis. The level of life got lower much.
I live with my son, have a job and try to earn money at another job to provide our living. Believe me, for this it's very necessary to do one's best.
Now I want to find another job which I'll like and it'll perspective.
I like life much, nature, meting with friends, family holidays.
I also think that it's better wait and search your second half in life than to have somebody and be unhappy. I hope much to find a part of my soul.
I think that two people who have common views on life can give joy to each other, understand and love his ( her) partner and support him in life.
When is your birthday?
tell me more about yourself, i am interested in everything.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you,
    Novosibirsk, Russia

single pretty Lady Lyuba from Novosibirsk, Russia

Hello Novosibirsk Lady,
  My name is Marc and I live in the Northwest corner of the United States. I will tell you alittle about myself: I am 5,9" tall, weigh 180 lbs., I have short dark brown hair and a mustache. I am 35 years old and my birthday is August 12. I have noticed there is no way to send my picture from this dating websight, but if you write to me by email I will gladly send you some.
  I am pretty versatile as for what I like. I can wear blue jeans and go camping or other family outing, but I feel just as comfortable dressing up and going out.
  My hobbies are antique trucks, computers (I know, it's quit a contrast), watching old TV shows (Andy Griffith is one of my favorites), camping, or anything having to do with history.
  I like several different kinds of music, mostly soft rock, oldies, some modern contemporary rock, and some classical. I suppose its kind of rare for a man as young as me to like classical, but I find it very relaxing.
  I make my living as a mechanic for North America's largest rental company. I am also the parts manager for this company and handle all of the computer work for the shop. It is a challenging job because it gets quit busy this time of year.
  About 6 months ago, I started taking a computer repair course so now I go to school in the evenings. I am doing quit well because so far I've never scored below 90 percent on my test scores.
  What I am looking for in a Novosibirsk woman is quit simple: A pretty Russian woman with strong family values who isn't afraid to voice her opinion. I have always believed a man and wife should have equal responsibilities in a relationship as well as be best friends. They should work together at building a safe, warm happy family for their children. I do not believe in keeping my bueatiful russian wife isolated in a marriage. I've seen this happen many times with other poeple and the wife is never happy. Even though she loves her husband, she needs her own group of friends from time to time.
    My plans are to go to Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk in September so I would like to get to know you before then to see if we have enough in common. If you like what you read in this letter, please write back. We could be one step closer to starting a happy and rewarding life together.
Hope to hear from you soon!

    Seabeck, Washington 98380  United States
My house - Marc from Seabeck, Washington 98380  United States
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