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I’m very glad that you like me. I live in the Mogilev, Belarus. Belarusiya is a wonderful country.

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 Hello, Brian!
I’m very glad that you like me. I live in the Mogilev, Belarus. Belarusiya is a wonderful country. It is very beautiful. In winter it can be –20C. and in summer it can be +30C. There is a beautiful nature and beautiful people. The climate promotes beauty. We have very rich soil here but unfortunately people and country are poor.
I want to meet a man with whom I can create happy family, something like little family paradise, house hearth. I want my family based on understanding, patience, and also I want that love, kindness, respect reign in the family. I don’t smoke and don’t drink. I go in for sports, it is like a hobby (swimming, going to the gym) I enjoy dancing, watching movies. I like reading Russian classical literature. I like kindness and beauty. I also like flowers and nature.
I live with my family, my parents are rather young, my mom is 44 and father is 47 and my brother is 24 and I also have two cats and a dog and lots of home animals at the yard.
I’m hardworking, curious, and I like to study, I enjoy knowing something new. But I like to have a good rest as much as I like to work. In my spare time I try to take a rest with my soul and body.
I prefer to eat vegetables but I like meat also. I try to eat food which is healthy for me.
All the disappoints must not stop us everyone have to strive for better life, everyone have the right to be happy that’s why if you want something you will achieve it.
Write me more about yourself. What do you value in people? Ask me more questions and I’ll answer all of them with pleasure.
    from Mogilev matchmaking agency, Belorussia

bride Dasha from Mogilev dating agency, Belorussia

Hi, Dasha!
I am a 42 year old American man who is looking for a younger Byelorussian wife from Mogilev to start a second life.  It seems a little crazy to me to be writing someone halfway across the world telling them I am looking for a wife.  I have been divorced for about 6 years from my ex-wife.  I used to work all the time, 6 and 7 days a week, and when I cut back working all the time and spent more time at home I found  I didn't know her and wasn't able to communicate with her.   I suggested we go to marriage counseling and in counseling she admitted she didn't love me but had married me for the security my job provided.  Since then I have dated allot of American women  - the problem I am running into is that all the healthy women are already in relationships or don't want to start a second family -
I read your dating profile and you seem to have allot of the same interests and goals that I have - I also want a family - my son is 13 years old and lives with me half the time - I am looking for someone with a younger child who wants to move to America and start a second life (having more child(ren) together is also fine with me).  Family is very important to me - I have greatly enjoyed raising my son and I take allot of satisfaction that he is turning out to be a fine young man.  Being able to talk to him about his feelings, hugging him, and spending time with him and guiding him, by example,  in learning the values and attitudes I believe in (honesty, caring and empathy).
Something about myself - I am a pharmacist by profession, I have my own company and while not rich I am well established in my profession.  I do not smoke or drink and I am a vegetarian - to me, exercise is very important - I work out daily in a gym and stay in good shape.  I consider myself kind, gentle and unjudging - one of the best sayings I have ever heard was "Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right" - I want to be happy and don't need to be right!
If this sounds what you would like also I would like to here back from you and we can "talk" further,
Take care,

   Richmond, VA 23233   United States
Paul from Richmond, VA 23233
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  Hello Mogilev matchmaking manager,
How often is there a list of new ladies from Mogilev?
Please send me the latest list, and please send the latest list each time
there is a new one.
Thank you,
    please reply
Guest Guest 11 September 2018 11:24 Reply
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