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Well, I was born in Pskov. I live with my parents and my brother. He is five years older.

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Hello, Justin !
 I think it'll be interesting for you to find out some more about me.
Well, I was born in Pskov. I live with my parents and my brother. He is five years older. He is divorced and he has got a 12-year old daughter. I've got many reliable friends. I like being among people, I've got a nice sense of humor, I'm devoted in friendship.  Surely, nice friends are important in our life, but the older we grow, more often we think of creating our own families. Alas, I haven't met a man yet, who would make me want to spend my whole life with. I know there are perfect people and my demands are not too severe. As all russian women from Pskov, I dream of meeting a kind, devoted, trustworthy man who would take care of me, of our future children. I am looking for stability and sereneness. I judge men by their acts. I'm Cancer. All women Cancer love their home hearth, they are fond of making their houses cozy and sweet. They are devoted and reliable. They are tender and affectionate. They are thankful to men who surround them with love and care. They pay them back with all their deep true feelings.
If you feel curious about me, ask me any questions and I'll answer them all. I'd like to get to know you better.
Sincerely, Yulia  
  from Pskov dating agency

charming Russian Woman Yulia from Pskov dating agency

Hello lovely Yulia!
I would like to introduce myself.  I enjoyed reading your matchmaking profile and would love to learn more about you.  You are a beautiful russian woman on the outside. Maybe you are beautiful on the inside too.  I joined the Pskov dating agency to find my second half.  I am at a point in my life where I have most things that I need.  I just don't have the wonderful woman that will complete me.  I don't have the one woman who will be mine and who will let me be hers. I am here to find her. Maybe it's you? How wonderful would that be if we both found what we were looking for! 
  I can tell you that the woman who is my second half will get my total love, respect, trust, attention and sensuality. She should know that no matter what happens in my life, that I will always be there for her. I will protect and love her with all my heart.  I will be faithful to her and want her to know that she will always be in my thoughts and dreams. I will treat her with kindness and compassion. I hope that she would do the same for me.
   Are you ready to meet your one and only man? Are you ready to create a new life with a good american husband and future children? If so, then maybe we will one day create that dream together.  I realize that I don't know much about you.  But these are the things that are in my heart and dreams.
    A little about me.. I am 38 years old.. 177cm tall and am in good physical condition.  I enjoy many types of activities including sports, swimming, rollerblading, working out at the gym, snowboarding, theater, music, the beach, SCUBA diving the mountains and more..  I would love to find someone that could share these things with me.  I spent 9 years as an officer and pilot in the US Army.  I have seen much of the world, but there is so much more to see.  I want to see it with my soul mate. I currently work as a commercial pilot here in the US.  I also dabble in real estate.  I have a good career and a good future.  I would love to have a family with whom to share my life.
  There are many things that I would love to find out about you. Please tell me more about yourself.   You can contact through the dating service or at my email.
Take care.  I anxiously await your reply.

  from Boston, MA 02109 United States
groom James from Boston, MA 02109 United StatesP.S. I am still planning for my trip to Pskov.
How soon do you need to know all of the finale arrival times? You also said that I do not need a Visa to come to the Russia, is that right? Is there any other paper work that I would need other then a passport?
Can you give the direction to Western Union the money, so that I can give someone English lessons?
Could I also pay for the car rental and apartment in Pskov though western union?
Could you tell me a little of how things will be working once I get to Russia? Like how I meet my ride to Pskov, basically what it will be like when I get there, how things will work. I am not afraid to say, that as the time for the trip gets closer, I am getting nervous.
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