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So, I spend 6-8 months at sea and I have no time for personal life, that's why I decided to apply to the Dnepropetrovsk dating agency .

for Him

Hello, Gregory!
I got your letter and I am very glad to it.
I want to tell you more about myself and my life.
After finishing the medical college in Dnepropetrovsk I worked as doctor's assistant at sanitary station for 3 years. But as this work is not paid well , for this money we can only exist, and not to live. I received another profession - waitress-stewardess. And now for three years I work under Malta flag on a passenger ship. The ship-owner is from Israel and we take Israelis on the Meditarranean Sea. So, I spend 6-8 months at sea and I have no time for personal life, that's why I decided to apply to the Dnepropetrovsk dating agency .
I'd like to meet a man who wants to have children together, for whom family cosiness and well-being of family are important. In future I want to get married and work "on the shore", to be a keeper of family hearth, to go together for walks, go in for sports together and lead a helathy way of life.
The town I was born and live in is in the south of Ukraine, that's why we have very little snow and i've never skied, though I'd like to try it very much!
In winter i go to my sister to Kharkov (the old capital of Ukraine), and there's much snow there, especially in forest , and we can toboggan there.
In summer my parents and I go out fo town to our summer cottage where we can have good rest: to sunbathe, go fishing, and of course work on the land.
My life credo is to live for people, and I want to make my loving man happy.
I lead a healthy way of life, I don't smoke, and can drink a little only on holidays with my friends and relatives.
I prefer to eat fruit, vegetables, juices, herbal tea. Sometimes I can allow sea food, fish, and very rarely "white meat", I don't eat "red meat" at all.
I live in a three- room flat with my parents. I have an older brother, he is married and has a daughter. He is a ukrainian sailor.
Now I am at home and try to learn English.
My zodiac sign is Scorpio.
What is your zodiac sign? Would you like to ahev children in your future marriage?
Do you like travelling?
Hope to hear from you soon,
Please tell me more about yourself,your family, your way of life.
   from Dnepropetrovsk matchmaking agency, Ukraine

glorious bride Anzhela from Dnepropetrovsk dating agency

Hello Anzhela!
It is a pleasure to meet you. I would very much like to get to know you. I saw your video and I must say you are quite attractive girl from Dnepropetrovsk. Let me tell you a little about me: I currently work for a law firm as a legal assistant in Southern CA, USA. My goal is to become a correctional officer. I plan on attending the police academy later this year. I have a degree in Law and Business. I am an easy-going, friendly, honest person that lives life to the fullest. In my spare time I enjoy playing sports, shooting pool, going to the movies and going out dancing. My family consists of my parents and four sisters. Even though we live far apart we are very close. I have a two and half yr old daughter. Her name is Amber and she is wonderful. I hope this doesn't bother you. If it does please tell me and I will understand.
The reason I am choosing to find a bride from Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine because most of the women in the US seem to lack the qualities that I am looking for. I have heard that the ladies from Ukraine/Dnepropetrovsk still have strong morals and family values. They sincerely want to create a happy family and know how to take care of their man and be a loving mother for our children. This is true, yes? My family and friends support the idea, however, they do tell me to be careful in my selection. Please tell me why you would like to find an American gentleman for a husband and what your future goals are. Do you have other photos you could send me? 
Well, take care and hope to hear from you soon! :)

Best wishes,

Gregory Emerson
I have a two and half yr old daughter. Her name is Amber and she is wonderful.
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  hello, Anzhela!
I have receveid a lot of message but how I can make for see the picture in Dnepropetrovsk dating web site .
The classification with the number code is very strange and for discover the informations about the Dnepropetrovsk ladies  is impossible for me .
If I understand good , matchmaking agency have two web sites with differents ladies , that' right !!
Can you explain to me and help me , ist the first time who I use  a Dnepropetrovsk matchmaking agency like yours and so I do'nt understand why I do'nt have answers of the ukraine ladies who I try to contact in first.
Thanks a lot , best regards .
    P S  : E-mail me if ist possible tu use french ist more easier for me because as you can see my English is terrific.
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 20:27 Reply
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