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Thank you for your wonderful letter. Now I work at Krivoy Rog's private firm as a manager.

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Hello, Michael!
 Thank you for your wonderful letter.
 Now autumn is coming, but I like such season of the year, when the leaves are changing their colour and the last autumn flowers appear and in air there are aromas of ripe fruits. This season of the year is especially nice when you are in Crimea. In Crimea the nature is special too and there it is always warmer than the last territory of Ukraine.
 Now I work at Krivoy Rog's private firm as a manager.
 I have to search partners and conclude contracts for delivery of products and control for timely dispatch of goods. this job needs communication with each person.
 In my free time I go to Vinnytsia to visit my girl-friend. We go to the theatres, exhibitions and in the evenings to the discoclubs. I like different music, it depends on my mood. I also like classical music when it is beautiful and melodious.
 Sometimes I try to write poems. especially in the evenings before going to bed., they appear under some emotional feelings.
 My mother works as an inspector at the national Bank of Ukraine. My parents had divorced when I was a little girl.
 I have a grandmother and an uncle. They live in Krivoy Rog too. In my childhood we lived together in one house. My grandmother learned me to read and my uncle helped me with math and physics. I dreamt of being the doctor, at school I want to be a lawyer, but my mother decided that I had to have the profession of an accountant.
 I must say that the job isn't in the first place for me, it's not the main. I want to know that there is a person who you can trust and share your thoughts and feelings with.
what do you think, how do you imagine your family life?
 I'll be waiting for your answer impatiently.
 Take care.
   from Krivoy Rog matchmaking agency, Ukraine

blonde charming Svetlana from Krivoy Rog dating agency, Ukraine

Hello my friend Svetlana!

I hope this finds you in good health and high spirits.    I saw your matchmaking profile and I like what I saw.    I joined the Krivoy Rog dating agency with hope to find my one true love, the light of my life, my darling, the purpose for my existence, the mother of my children, my equal partner, my better half, my loyal best friend, my respected life mate, my honored wife, the girl in my dreams, "etcetera, ad infinitum..."   It might be you!

My name is Michael.    I am described by those who know me best as hard working, romantic, loyal, affectionate, sensitive, truthful, handsome, caring, compassionate, generous, tall, funny, and respectful.    Did I leave out modest ?    I am 6' 2" and weigh 190 pounds.    I do not smoke and drink only occasionally with close friends or family.  I have many hobbies- my few favorites are collecting trilobites, riding my motorcycle, playing my guitar, keeping my house, listening to music, watching movies, driving my truck on long trips (travel), dining at new restaurants, dancing at new discos, and I love my job so much I have to call it a "paid hobby."

I am a doctor which pays very good in USA.  I work with troubled children, behaviorally challenged teenagers, and mentally retarded kids in a residential treatment center.    I supervise the direct care providers on my shift.    I tend to the medical needs of my residents.    I answer directly to the facility superintendent.   I always leave work feeling good...  

Yesterday was one of the little girls birthday.    She was very sad because she was away from her parents.    She was crying, sobbing miserably.    I felt bad for her.    Nobody should be sad on her birthday.    There were no plans for any festivities.    I sent one of the workers to the store and we gave the little girl her birthday party.    She was very happy and grateful for our party.    I felt warmth and personal satisfaction inside.

I am divorced and have two children of my own, but they live with their mother far, far away.    I do not get to see them often.    My daughter, Harley, will be 3 years old on 19 November.    My son, Trace, will be 6 years old on 29 November.    I am not invited to their party.    It is sad they will grow up in a household without a father to share all his experience, strength, and hope...

My entire life I have wanted to raise a family.    I believe this is the most important thing in life- to marry and have children.    I believe there is nothing more important than the family  and the husband-wife relationship is most important for the family to succeed.

I want a woman from Krivoy Rog/Ukraine to love me for the rest of our lives.    Someone to pamper who will be thankful to have a good man who loves her above all others.    A Ukrainian woman who understands life is not always wonderful but it is always wonderous.    An attractive woman who knows how to share family responsibilities and household duties.    A lovely woman who is sincere, loyal, affectionate, sensible, and still knows how to be spontaneous, fun, playful, and even a little mischievous.    I think life is a grand adventure and I believe it is even grander when there is someone special to share it with.    I love to explore new places and things, don't you ? 

I live in El Paso, Texas.    It is small city (~500,000) halfway between Dallas and San Diego.    Halfway between Houston and Los Angeles.    A short drive from Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Austin.    I live on the sunset slopes of the Franklin Mountains in a very nice neighborhood.    There are many churches of numerous denominations nearby.   

The climate here is quite mild.    It does not rain much, winters are not harsh, and summers are long.    El Paso is just south of the Rocky Mountains, so there are all kinds of winter sports in the big mountains.    I like to visit Red River, New Mexico- it is quite breathtaking and spectacular.

I like shopping.   I have a large shopping mall very nearby.    There are many grocery stores close by where I can buy any kind of food to cook.    I need a ukrainian woman to help me shop for new home furnishings, though.    My house needs a woman's touch- her presence...

I must go to work now.    I hope you will write back to me at your convenience.    I can send a picture of myself if you do.    Until then take good care of yourself.

I await your response with anticipation and our meetings in Krivoy Rog.

  from El Paso, Texas
Me, My daughter and My son
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