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I live in Mariupol, it's city in the south-east of the part of Ukraine, our town is situated on the Azov sea.

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Hello, Alan!
Thank you very much for your wonderful and interesting letter. I enjoyed reading it. I am sure that you are  a nice person and it'll be interesting to communicate with you.
And now I'll tell you more about myself:
I live in Mariupol, it's city in the south-east of the part of Ukraine, our town is situated on the Azov sea. it's not big - about 500 thousand people. There are museums, parks, disco clubs, cafes, universities, etc.
My family is not big: my parents, granny, my sister and nephew. My parents live in another district, but it's not far from me and I see them rather often.
I work as the chief accountant at the Mariupol's firm that deals with production and trade. I like my profession though it takes much time and strength. I dreamed to be a doctor. After school I entered the medical college. But after studying for some time I changed the plans and entered the Mariupol Technical University by speciality - accounting and audit.
 Why this speciality? Because my mother and granny are accountants, even my grandfather was an accountant. My sister studies at the Mariupol's institute of business, the same profession too, but she is not interested in it much.
I like many different things : music, movies, sports, literature, nature. I spend my summer vacation at the seaside. I often go out of town to our summer cottage to spend time in the open air and enjoy the beauty of nature.
here it's real summer, the weather is very hot. But I like not only sun, I like rain and thunderstorm and all seasons.
In my life I want to meet  a person who will be faithful partner in my life, with whom I can share joys and sorrows, days and nights, dawns and sunsets, with whom I can speak about everything and who will understand me; whom I can make happy and who will make me happy too.
 Alan, I finish my letter now. I'll answer your interesting questions next letter.
 Luck in everything,
     from Mariupol dating agency.

single girl Elena from Mariupol matchmaking agency.

Hello, Elena!

My name is Alan. I am 44 years old. I am 190cm tall and weigh 90Kg. I am divorced. I have a beautiful daughter who is 10 years old. She lives with her mother but I see her often.
 My job is an electrician. It is a steady job and I have been doing this for almost 20 years now. I went to college for 2 years for electronics before becoming an electrician.
 I enjoy watching sports, on television and in person. I try to keep in shape and am considered thin. I love to play golf very much. I like being outdoors when the weather is nice(not too hot, and not too cold). Living in the central part of the U.S. it can get extremely hot and very cold also. I like going for walks. I like going to movies and eating at restaurants once in a while.
 I consider myself an honest, reliable, dependable, caring, somewhat smart, and easy going guy. I consider myself serious but yet like to have fun also.
 I am looking for a woman from Mariupol, who is attractive, thin, smart, funny, who takes good care of herself. She should be older than 25. I don't mind if she has a child. If she wants children that would be okay also.
 If you are interested it would be great to hear from you. Good luck to you all!

  from Newton, IA 50208   United States

My beautiful daughter who is 10 years old.    P.S.  I was just wondering if I could get some general information on a visit to Mariupol/Ukraine, I case I decide to plan a trip there. Just some general cost. Are group trips for interested men how it is done, or does each man come over individually? How does a Visa cost for me. The accommodations, what is there cost and what are they, room, food, and so on….?
Thank you,

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    Hello dear Alan!
 Thank you for your letter.
I am sorry I could not reply it at once. It took me much time to transfer several establishments to the common tax system.
I am setting off on my  business trip soon , it will be rather long.
I don't know when I will be back home.
I will let you know...
   from Mariupol matchmaking site.
Single woman Single woman 13 September 2018 19:33 Reply
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