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I miss someone who could complete my life. That's why I joined the Kherson Dating site and I hope to meet a nice guy for serious relations.

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My name is Anna and I was born  5 January 1998.  I now live in the city of Kherson, the south of Ukraine. I was born in Russia and then my family moved to Ukraine which has become my native land. I love Kherson for its being cozy, hospitable, green and picturesque. Now I attend the computer courses. This is what I do now. As for my interests, I have many of them. I may be described as a creative person: I like to paint, I love music and I have always wanted to learn to play the piano. I enjoy reading and I read much. Whenever I am inspired I write poetry. I can't judge if my poems are good, but my teachers used to be fond of them. They are just the reflection of my soul. I enjoy meeting with my friends and I have lots of them. Every time we are together we have much fun. But I miss someone who could complete my life. That's why I joined the Kherson Dating site and I hope to meet a nice guy for serious relations.

  from Kherson matchmaking agency, south of Ukraine.

glamorous Ukrainian Girl Anna from Kherson dating agency

              Dearest Kherson Ladies,
 I apologize for not posting a photograph in my matchmaking profile. I haven't had a photograph worthy of posting taken of me in many years. I will attend this matter as soon as possible.
 About me: My name is Larry and I live in the USA. I am 5'7" tall and weigh 155 lbs. I have an athletic build, brown hair, and blue eyes. While I consider myself handsome I am not arrogant. I have faults as all humans do. I will say with pride, that I am unlike many american men. I am a simple man who enjoys life and all it has to offer. I am hardworking, honest, affectionate, compassionate and faithful. I am mature american man and responsible while I stay in touch with my inner child. I love to make people laugh and smile. I enjoy scuba diving, sky diving, nature, animals and many other things. I believe children are a blessing to be loved and enjoyed and never harmed! I am very serious about about marriage and raising a family with a special Kherson woman who could find a place in her heart for me. I have but one fear in this world and that is to leave this world without knowing the pure love of a woman and a child.
 About you: My requests are few. I want true love. I want to know when I come home I will be with a woman who loves me and desires my attention, my kisses and my touch. I wish to be appreciated and made to feel that I am an important part of a family not just a provider. While a strong and healthy prysical relationship is important, it is your heart that I wish to conquer. For I know that if I conquer your heart the physical relationship will be that of a thousand nights of passion with every touch. Love is what I seek and I will settle for nothing less than a soulmate.
 About us: I do not require a woman to take care of me. I do not require that I be treated as a king. I am searching for my partner, soulmate and my equal. I am a strong man in mind, body and spirit. I will be your strength and you will be my inspiration. I will be your friend, your tender lover and your passionate lover at times. I will be your haven in the storm where you shall be safe. I will protect you with all of the strength that I possess. I will make you laugh and you will only cry happy tears. I do not ask you to change for me for I accept you as you are. I will stand beside you through all things good and bad. I will stand in front of you to protect you from harm and I will stand behind you so that the world can see you shine as I do and be proud to say "This is my best friend, my Kherson wife!"
 A loving wife is all I seek. I know you are out there for I have heard your call on the wind as it whispers my name. I will find you for we were meant to be together.
I would like to start planning to take a trip to Kherson and Nikolaev hopefully sometime this year.
 If any Kherson ladies are interested, please respond!
We are wasting valuable time we could be holding one another close!

   Oklahoma City, OK 73127  United States

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