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I am romantic Poltava girl. I like surprises, romantic dinners and flowers. I adore wearing a beautiful dress and going to a restaurant or theatre.

for Him

   Hello Eric!
 Thank you for your letter. I was glad to get it.
As for my hair: now I have long hair.
I am 24. I graduated from the Poltava institute. I am a lawyer by profession. I work as a lawyer in ship building yards. I love my profession for it helps me realize myself.  I live in the center of Ukraine in the city of Poltava. My city is on the river Vorskla. I have a family of four persons: my father, mother, younger sister and me. My father works in Russia, my mother is a dress-maker in a factory. My younger sister works in the confectionary factory.
 I am romantic Poltava girl. I like surprises, romantic dinners and flowers. I adore wearing a beautiful dress and going to a restaurant or theatre. It would be wonderful to do that with someone I love. I am dreaming of finding my soul mate. I don't care where he may live now. What matters to me is that we will finally find each other and be very happy together. I am dreaming of my own beautiful car.
 My hobbies are sport, traveling and dancing. I enjoy dancing at discos and at home. I can only dream of traveling. I think it must be very interesting to see new places, meet new people. I prefer sport for it helps me to keep fit and be healthy.
 In my spare time I like to go to the movies, cafes and restaurants, take walks down the parks, meet my friends, read novels, listen to music.
 I love animals and nature. I adore children.
I dream of meeting a decent man to start a family and have children with. I wish my future husband was initiative and romantic. I want him to be kind, jolly, decent. He shouldn't forget about important events in our common life. Here I haven't been able to meet anyone who would correspond to my wishes, that is why I am looking for a partner in such a way. I am dreaming of finding my second half. I am just looking for an ordinary man to start a family with. So, if you are real serious and interested in starting a family, I'll be glad to get your reply.
 Eric! I'd like to ask you some questions. What are your life goals? What qualities in people do you value? 
If you have questions to ask me, you may freely do it.
As any other person, I have my likes and dislikes which have been formed during my life. They are some part of my character or the results of my life experience. I value intelligence, the sense of humor, honesty, the ability to defend one's point of view (don't confuse it with obstinacy). I love water (the ocean, sea, rivers, lakes), fire in the fire-place. About my dislikes: I don't like vulgarity, rudeness, irresponsibility, soul laziness and greediness. Even the best character may have some drawbacks and I think this can hardly be changed, but this may not influence the dignity.
 I am a romantic Ukrainian girl and I dream of meeting a romantic soul. It is important for me that my future husband could provide for his family. I would like my husband to make surprises, give flowers, never forget of my birthdays.
 Please tell me more about yourself, your family, work.
  I'll be waiting for your response!

       Sincerely, Yulia
              from Poltava matchmaking agency, Ukraine

Ukrainian bride Yulia from Poltava dating agency

   Hello charming Yulia,

 I really like your photo and your matchmaking profile information.  Perhaps we may have a lot in common.

 I'm outgoing, generous, repectful of others, considerate, adventurous, romantic and have a good sense of humor.  I have a masters degree in Business.  About ten years ago I started my own real estate appraisal company.

 I enjoy going to the mountains which are just a short drive west of Denver.  In the winter it's fun to go skiing, and hiking in the summer.  The Rocky Mountains are very beautiful and it's so nice to be out in nature.

 Occasionally, I go to the theater or to concerts.  Denver has a very good performing arts center.  I also enjoy reading, doing home improvements, traveling and several different water sports (scuba diving, swimming and boating).

 My family is very generous and loving.  I was raised in a small town, and my parents taught me to have a good moral foundation, and to have sound Christian beliefs.  I have a brother and a sister.

 I've never been married and do not have children, but I have a great desire to meet my other half in the near future and to start a american-ukrainian family.  I would very much like to know more about you, your family and interests; and your city of Poltava.

 Also, I would very much like to know  your full name, Poltava's address, and telephone number.   I'm hoping to make a trip to Belarus and the Ukraine within the next few weeks, and perhaps we can meet then.  

 By the way my matchmaking profile only has one photo as the Poltava dating system loaded all three the same as the last one, but once you e-mail me I can send you other photos, and I would like to have other attractive photos of you too.

 I hope you'll write back soon.        

  Best wishes,

 Denver, CO, USA 80210

> To Poltava Dating manager:
 I'm planning a trip to Ukraine around August 16. On read on your dating web site that you can provide help in travel from Poltava to Mariupol and in meeting several ukrainian woman at your dating office, help with hotel, etc.

Can you give me more details and an idea of the cost?
Also, I noticed a lady's profile from Krivoy Rog that I would like to meet, but her profile is from a different marriage agency that does not have an office there.
 Can you help me with meeting a girl other than those that are members of your dating agency?
I got an e-mail from you today stating you also have a new office in Vinitsia.
Can I post my profile to that office? Thanks for your help.
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