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I'm very romantic Belorussian lady and there's nothing more special than a romantic dinner for me.

for Him

 Thank you evry much for your letter.
Some information about myself:
 I was born 05.12.1978. I'm Sagittarius.  
I live in Gomel which located in the south-east of the republic Belarus.
I graduated from the University of Business and Law and now work as an accountant.
I live with my parents. I've got an elder brother who's got his own family, so I'm lucky to have two nephews. I like to visit them at weekends and take my nephews for a walk.
I like keeping fit, going to the cinema, cooking, making my home cozy, going in for sport and training in a gym.
I love flowers much and like growing in door plants. I also love animals very much.
I'm very romantic Belorussian lady and there's nothing more special than a romantic dinner for me.
I like having a rest close to nature, going to the seaside.
I'm decent, devoted, goal-oriented.
I'd like to meet a decent reliable man who would be goal-oriented, devoted, attractive and fit.
I'd like to know more about your life, family.
 Hope to hear from you soon,


     from Gomel dating agency, Byelorussia.
beautiful Bride Alla from Gomel matchmaking agency

  Hello Alla,

 I am sorry I have not written you sooner.  My email service had problems
with all the email coming from the Gomel dating office.  I sent Helen there a
message wondering why I had not heard from you and she informed me that you
had in fact been sending letters.  I was just not receiving them.  A friend
came and looked at my computer and determined that the problem was with my
email service.  Hopefully the problem is resolved.

  How are you?  What is new with you?

 I live in the small town of Castle Rock in the state or Colorado. Castle
Rock is located a half hour drive south of the city of Denver.  We are at
the base of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 6329 feet (1.9KM)
above sea level.  We get 300 days of sunshine a year and the humidity is
low.  The summers here are warm (some times hot) and the winters can be very
cold at times.   When it snows, it normally doesn't stick around very long. 
It is a beautiful place to live but the weather can be strange at times.

 I live in a two bedroom apartment with my dog and cat.  My spare bedroom has
my computer, photography equipment and some other things.

 I have 1 brother and 3 sisters.  My mother could not have children of their
own so my parents adopted all of their children.  I was the first adopted. 
Then we got my younger sister and my younger brother.  After that we adopted
two more sisters (both older).  Since I was the first adopted I am the
oldest even though two of my sisters are older in age.  My mother lives
about 1931kM from me.  My mother and father were married for many years
until my father died in the March of 2010.  They were in love until he died.

 I work full time as a Land Surveyor.  I work on construction sites telling
the construction workers where to build the roads, sewers, water lines,
sidewalks, buildings and more.  It is a very long work day.  I don't like it
but it is a good job. Work has been getting busier lately which means I can
work more overtime.  I am looking to take a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD for
short) class in order to get a promotion.  That will move me from working in
the field to the office.

 I found out on February 1st that my rent has increased by $71 a month to
$811 per month.  I decided that it is too much money to stay in my flat. 
Friends and family have told me I could buy a house and have mortgage
payments equal to or less than my rent.  Owning a house would also build
equity and get me more money back when I file taxes.  I hope to be in a
house within the year.

 I do not have many friends.  The ten I do have are very good friends.  There
are other people I have as friends (for lack of a better word) which I don't
talk to as much as the other ten.  One of my oldest friends is moving here
in the next couple months.  It will be good to have him here.  We have lived
many kilometers apart for many years.

 My cat's name is Ariel and is 3 years old.  She is a Calico colored cat
with orange, gray, black and white fur.  She is very cute and friendly.  She
and my dog play together often.  When she was a kitten she would sleep on
top of my dog.  My dog is a Siberian Husky mix named Foxy.  She is very
friendly and loves attention.

 I have many hobbies.  for some reason I could not pick one so I do many.  I
like Camping, Hiking, riding my bicycle, photography, music and more.  I
like photography very much and would like to do it for my job.  The music I
listen to covers a wide variety.  I listen to rock & roll, hard rock, heavy
metal, pop, 80's pop, blues, jazz and even some classical.

 Another hobby of mine it collecting firearms.  I collect old and antique
firearms from around the world.  The oldest one I have is a Swiss rifle made
in 1869 and it still works.  There is history behind all the firearms I own.
  I have many from World War 2 (including some Russian rifles).

 One of my long term goals is to become a Gunsmith.  There are several
reasons for this.  One, I enjoy firearms.  Two, it will give me the skills
to keep my antique firearms in a safe, working order.  Three, with all the
firearms there are in the US, there is job security.  Going to school to
become a Gunsmith takes 14 months and costs $18,000 US Dollars (513,360
Rubles).  I will be saving up for it for a long time.

 My sense of humor is very good.  I don't use drugs as all (never have).  I
don't smoke cigarettes but I do have a good cigar while walking my dog on
occasion (never in the house).  I have a drink only on a rare occasion.   I
have never been drunk and I never will get drunk.

I am looking to meet a good person with whom to spend the rest of my life in
love with and raise a family.  I do not expect the right lady for me to have
all the same interests as I do.  However we must be each others best friends
and be able to get along well.

 I came to Gomel matchmaking agency to find a lady with similar values.  I have had a
difficult time finding someone here that shares traditional values I was
raised on. 

Family, Love, Faithfulness and  standing up for what is right.



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  Hello Alla,
 Thank you for such a lovely and timely response. 
I would like to start out by saying that I like the fact that you ask a lot of good questions.  Getting to know someone via email is very difficult; however, it is quite possible as long as both of us can continue to get to know each other progressively.  To answer your questions, I am doing well.  Work is very busy but I always make personal time for me and whatever is important to me.  I live in the southeastern part of the United States (Charlotte, NC).  Charlotte is a very diverse city that is rapidly growing.  The weather is very good compared to other parts of the country and the city itself offers a lot for newcomers.  
 To tell you more about me is easy but at the same time difficult.  I strive to be the best person I can be and I have never ever desired to be a perfectionist.  I accept the good things in life as well as the bad things.  I appreciate each and every day that I live because I know that tomorrow is not promised.  I desire to have a loving family as well as kids.  Presently, I have a 3 year old daughter who will turn 4 in April.  I keep her about half of the month and she spends the other half of the month with her mother.  She is the most precious thing that I could have ever wanted.  Most importantly, I know the formula for a loving and lasting relationship because of my own personal experiences.  I have been blessed with many of the material things that man could ever want; however, I have yet to discover the woman that should  be my better half and fulfill a void in my life.  
 My major goals in life are to serve God, to meet a lovely Gomel woman to marry and to raise a family together with, and to continue to prosper by growing my own company so that I can have more control of my life.  I enjoy exercising and working out when I have free time as well as watching a good movie and traveling.  My character consists of honesty, sincerity, patience, perseverance, and understanding.  I am very independent and I don't expect much out of anyone.  I picture my future Belorussian wife as someone who can respect and love me for who I am and support me in the good times as well as the bad times.  Also, my future wife will love me unconditionally as I will love her the same.       
How would you define romance? 
How would you define true love? 
 I also enjoy dining out and feeling good about the way I look and carry myself.  My final question deals with diversity and I'm wondering just how much you know about the US and the different ethnic groups.  When I look at people, I don't see color but the country I live in does for the most part.  The color of someone's skin has never been important to me but I'm not sure how you feel about that.  I am not your typical caucasian middle to upperclass man that would pursue women from Belorussian.  I am a black man with a medium brown skin tone from the upper middle class society in the United States.  In your country, I would be quite different than what you would normally see in men. 
 What are your thoughts and feelings about that? 
  I look forward to hearing from you soon?

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 20 September 2018 09:06 Reply
  Hello Sweet heart Alla, how are you?
 I ‘m sorry to hear about your grandmother being ill my prayerwith her.
I live in south Texas close to the ocean. In thesummer it is very hot and humid most of the time around 90’s to 100’s even when it rains it’s still hot and humid. when I have time I like to go to the movies plus listen to different kinds of music.
When I am have time I do enjoy watching shows like American chopper, Monster garage, Monster house, and Cops, Paramedic, and Traumalife in ER. Starting this month I hope to start going to the gym again.
In the future I want to start my own business not sure what kind of business yet.
Learn how ride motorcycles and finish my school. Also some day get married move to a small town so this way me and my Byelorussian wife can ride also have horses.
 My future wife frpm Gomel should be very kind, family orientated, willing to give her opinion to things in our life, a good mother to our children, love animals.
 A Belorussian women who enjoy getting and giving massages.

Guest Guest 20 September 2018 09:16 Reply
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