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I'm a third-year student at the Mogilev Economic-Law Institute. My work demands the education in the field of law.

for Him

  Hello, dear Mike !
 Thank you very much for your letters. I got your letter you had posted me (I got it in 8-9 days since the moment you'd sent it). Thank you for it.
I'm too busy now, indeed, moreover I feel worried for I'm too pressed for time to get ready for my exams and credits.
 I'm a third-year student at the Mogilev Economic-Law Institute. My work demands the education in the field of law. I will have more chance to get another (better paid) work. I'm going to have my exams in 2018 (March 10-23) and then, in summer, I'm having my final exams. I will hold the Bachelor Degree if everything is all right. I will have to keep studying for two and a half more years to get the advanced degree. My education acquired in Belarus won't let work as a lawyer in the USA, for I would have to study in your country for that.   But here my education will do me much good. If I'm sure about my partner and I'm going to move to his place, I won't keep my studying here.
 Are you still worried because of the funny news you described to me?  In what way do you overcome the obstacles you've met? How's your toe? What about your toilet? I hope you feel well now. Did you give your dog any medicine?
 Everything you described to me is just trifles that would never make me panic. All those problems are easy to solve. Don't you worry about them, I've got many more similar troubles but I have no opportunity to get rid of them.
 As for holidays... It's not January and it's not even December to make plans for future, it's just October. Now I know that I won't be able to have my holidays the next year according to the new working instruction. My vacation will coincide with the period of my studying at the Institute. I will be busy even at weekends and during the evenings, too. I won't be able to pay you enough attention during the period.  So, your future continuous trip to Mogilev, you're planning now,  makes no sense to me. Your free time (your vacation) would be much more useful both for you and for me during my staying in the USA for I would need your presence and support. Mike, you've already been to Minsk, you've seen the Mogilev, you've got the visual notion of Belorussia. I have no notion of your country and it would be better if you showed me the places you like. It will be possible to plan your vacation approximately a soon as you do away with your taxes problems, send me the papers and consult a lawyer. If you do want to see me, to have a family with me, you will do your best. I have been to Moscow, the Crimea, Kiev and I would like to visit the USA.
 Your parents' family experience is not good enough to follow and even to mention it often. I think if a person is afraid of something they will get it sooner or later. One should strive for the best, express love, care, make compromises, be kind. Then one will be "paid" back with the same attitude. It's not worth being afraid of something, it's better be sure that everything will be all right. By the way we've got plenty of time to think everything over.  Ask me any questions you are curious about and I'll answer all of them sincerely and frankly.
 I liked you a lot, I valued your attitude towards me, I felt like having a family with you and I found it necessary to tell my close people about you and introduce you to my parents. If you value our relations and if you are sure about your wish to create a family with me, why not tell your family about me? It will be interesting not only to hear about me, but to meet me, too.
 Mike, what relations quality are you talking about? Have you got serious intentions connected with me?  WE are cultured and civilized people to discuss honestly the questions that we feel curios about. Do you doubt me?  What are you afraid of most in relations? I run greater risks than you do, for you've got more data, you saw much and you know much about my life. I am still the same.
There are always some misunderstanding and discord in family relations. But there is always a way out. It's always possible to make a compromise, to learn not to make the same mistakes. I think a family life to be interesting, it's bad to be alone.
 Mike, I would like you to answer each single question I've asked you just now. You avoided answering some of my questions in your previous letter.
 I would also like to have a look at the photos I mentioned in my previous message (the pictures of your house, relatives, your dog, our common photos, too).
I'm curious about your description of the house you live in, the rooms in it and to see these all in the pictures.
 I've got our common pictures, I will be able to send them to you a bit later for now I've got some financial problems.
 So, I expressed my opinion connected with the ideas and thoughts from your previous letter.
 I'll be looking forward to receiving your next e-mail with your detailed answer to each of my questions. It's very important for me.
 Thinking of you...
  Best wishes,

      from Mogilev dating site, Belorussia
single student Elena from Mogilev matchmaking agency

  My Darling Lena,
 For me, talking about interests and hobbies is not as simple as making a list.  Of course I am interested to learn everything about the things that interest you--but probably for a different reason than the usual one.  Here is an example--two people meet at a party, and are physically attracted to each other.  They talk, and discover that they like the same music, movies, and sports....So they have several dates doing these things, fall in love, and get married--but have not ever discussed marriage relationship, children, religion!  I know that this happens--it has happened to me (except for the getting married part).  So hobbies and interests are not so important as these other things, but most people do it backwards!
 The second part of my example.  Imagine that you and I should each make a list of 100 interests, hobbies, travel destinations, etc..  I believe that people with compatible personalities will have compatible interests.  Therefore, out of 100 different possibilities, should we not share......10.......similar or same!!??  I think so, at least.  Only 10%?--That does not sound like very much, right?  Only 10 activities to share together--But to continue with my story--
 Marriage psychologists suggest that to have a good marriage, couples should literally write down on a calendar--schedule time for romantic dates, and sех, because married couples will become so overwhelmed by jobs, keeping house, raising children, that they will "forget", or become too busy to have romance, and too tired to have sех!!!!!  If that is true, that our ordinary lives become so busy--surely 10  additional activities to share together is plenty!
 The third reason why sharing interests is not as simple as making a list.....Our personalities are made by first--the interests that we had in the past.  Maybe we outgrew them.  Maybe we would like to continue now but don't have the time or money.  Second, the things we do now in our "free time"  (The usual answer is, of course, "What free time!!?")  Third, the things that we would like to do if we had the time, money, or a partner.  Fourth, the things that we are interested in learning or doing because our partner is interested in.  And finally, the interests that we have not even thought of yet!
 I think that of all the examples above, the one that is most common to ask is "What do you do in your free time?"  To me that is the least important question--((it is also the same as when people ask what is your job?))  The question that I want to ask is--what would you like to do (for a hobby or job) if time and money were no obstacle?! 
 I am looking for to your list of 100!  (Just kidding!)                         

     Love, Mike 

      Payson, AZ 85541   United States
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