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Holger, thank you for your complement. I would like to look into your eyes when we meet in Kaliningrad/Russia.

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  Hello dear Holger!
 Thank you for your letter, it was a pleasure to read it. I am sincerely interested in getting to know you better.
 I've been very busy at work lately, but now the circumstances changed. I may stay at work a bit longer sometimes, but I hope it will not happen too often. I may come home later if they bring the new portion of flour in the evening. I do hope I won't work on Saturday. My colleague works on Saturday. She works at the oil refinery plant and she works as a laboratory assistant in a confectionary factory on Saturdays only. I am an only assistant at the laboratory, I communicate with two heads, a chief technologist and some other colleagues. Generally speaking, I used to study textile chemistry when I went to the university. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any decent work in my Kaliningrad city. Is the textile industry developed in the USA? Are there any textile factories in the state where you live?
 The weather got very warm. It is sunny, but windy. It rained yesterday. I adore warm sunny weather and I enjoy taking walks.
I spent my last weekend on cleaning my apartment, I watched some TV, there was in interesting TV program about Paris on Discovery channel. Paris's history is unique and interesting. There are many sights worth admiring in Paris.
 Many popular singers and groups have been visiting Kaliningrad lately. I don't think you know whom I am talking about, but Ukrainian people love Russian music very much. Unfortunately, I have no one to enjoy going to concerts, museums, theatres with. I sometimes go to the theatre with my friend. I like musicals, plays, ballet. If you are curious about our holidays, I may tell you April 12th is the Day of Cosmonautics. Yuriy Gagarin fulfilled the first flight into the space on this day. He is the spaceman-pioneer, he is the first man who saw the Earth from above. Have you ever heard of Yuriy Gagarin?
 As for my life...I am closer to my mother. I told her and my close friend about my corresponding with a man coming from the USA. My mother wants me to be happy and if a man from the USA can make happy that means this will be our destiny. I know it would be a very serious step to leave Russia for the USA, my parents live here and I would like to support, to help them all the time. But my wish to have a family, children is too strong and I made up my mind...And here I am corresponding with you. My parents understand me.
Holger, I dream of children. I was not lucky enough to meet a nice man who might be a loving husband and a caring father for our children. Children need love and both parents must do their best for their kids. It is also important for a child to get the education they want to have. Educational system that has been reformed presupposes much money. I think any child wants to have both parents. I would like to have two kids, but we never know what our destiny  keeps in store for us.
 Holger, I think you are an intelligent person, your work is responsible. Where did you study? Your letters impress me. Thank you for your sincerity. I agree with your thoughts of family relations, trust, respect. There must always be warmth and honesty between two lovers. We should take people the way they are.
 It is quite impossible to change people. In most cases it would be waste of time.
I think we should do our best to understand others' feelings, instead. I think we should treat people the way we would like them to treat us. Life is happy only with a loving and kind person.
 By the way, Holger, I looked through the illustrated book about the USA. The state of Utah is very beautiful. The landscapes are just fantastic. But you don't seem to live your whole life there. So where would you like to live? You know, Holger, the place where my love is doesn't matter to me much. If I know he may make me happy I will follow him wherever he may go even if he lives in Alaska. By the way, do you know Alaska once belonged to Russia?
 Holger, thank you for your complement. I would like to look into your eyes when we meet in Kaliningrad/Russia.
 Could you send me some other photos?
I wish you a nice week and a wonderful weekend!

Write to me about the weekend. I will be waiting for your letter.

    from Kaliningrad dating agency.
Russian bride Irina from Kaliningrad matchmaking agency

Dear Lovely Ladies of Kaliningrad,

 Each of you have something very special. These things have intrigued me. I sense an inner beauty behind the gorgeous smiles and lucid eyes.

 I am very serious about meeting a loving partner in life and know you are looking for the same thing. I know that we all can find the kind of relationship that we desire and look forward to learning a bit more about each of you.

 If you are intrigued about me, I look forward to communicating with you. I am very open and honest and very willing to share. If you are the same, please write me. Until then may good luck smile on all of you.

  Cheers, Holger 

       Ogden, UT 84404    United States
Holger from Ogden, UT 84404    United States
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  Dear Irina,
 How are you today? I hope that you are doing fine! I am doing fine, and Dustin is also doing great! Over the weekend we went to my brothers place at the lake. He and his family have moved to the lake, i sure wish that i could do the same that would be my dream.
bought 12 yrs. ago my father had heart surgery; it was a quadruple bypass. Today his heart is doing fine. Now he is batleing lymphoma cancer, he has had his kemotherapy, and now he is going to have radiation therapy. The doctors say that he is winning the battle though. His name is Lowell and he is 66 years old.
 Bought 5 years ago my mother had heart surgery they placed a stint into one of her arteries, they say it was from smoking and did she quit no she is still puffing away! That is when i quit smoking i was smoking 2 packs a day. Now i can say that i have been smoke free for 5 mabee 6 years now. But since i have quit i have gained 10 pounds or weight a year, or bought 4 kilograms a year. Her name is Barbara and she is63 years old.
 I am so sorry to hear bought your parents, but at least you still have them, that is one thing that you can be thankfull for. But the one thing that puzles me is saying that they are so old, just thinkling bought that for a minuite, i will be 62 years old in 20 years that is a scary thought. At this rate i will be by myself in twenty years. And thinking bought how fast the last 20 went it will be no time at all untill that happens. Hhhmmmm.......
My Russian, what Russian, i might know bought 5 words in Russian. The bad thing bought that is there is no-where to learn it here. Have you thought bought learning english?
 I am so glad that you recieved you present, but i wish that you would have recieved it sooner though! Next time i must send it 2 months sooner.
My job is kinda slow now but i hope for it too pick up by the end of the month.
 I am glad to hear that your mother is doing better now. And if this seems off the wall to you, i am answering your second letter now. So this is two letters in one.
 Can you tell me of some of the things that you might show me when i come to Kaliningrad to see you? Are you having romantic thoughts bought us? If we have that feeling when we meet are you thinking bought visiting me here in the USA? I am looking for someone to have a family with and i enjoy each and every letter that we share together. I also very much enjoy all of the pictures that you have sent to me.
Do you have any new ones that you would like to share with me?
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 24 September 2018 09:17 Reply
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