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I like to meet my friends when I have some free time, if the weather is very warm we enjoy taking walks round the Volgograd city.

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  Hello Marcus! 
 Your letter, its beginning, proves you are studying Russian!
I can't speak English, but I would be glad to use any opportunity to master it.
I heard something about the city you live in, but it will be very interesting to know something more from you. What places do you like best? What interesting events happen where you live?
 How often do you meet your family?
I live with my closest relatives, my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother live in the western part of Russia. We meet twice a year, but our meetings are very joyful and bring much happiness to all of us. We always have what to tell each other.
 I saw your pictures, all of them! They are remarkable. I think you've got many interest, so will you tell me about your favorite activities, please?
I like to meet my friends when I have some free time, if the weather is very warm we enjoy taking walks round the Volgograd city.
 I think your work is extremely interesting. You help many people and it is praiseful and noble of you. Who are the kids I saw in the pictures? I will send you some of my pictures.   

 You know, I love taking pictures, when my friends see a camera in my hands a feeling of endless horror :0) overcomes them. Do you know why? I love photographing everything and everybody and I always take pictures when no one expects me to use my camera. But then we all enjoy the funniest pictures I've got.
 I have no harmful habits, I may have some nice wine or beer, but it happens rather seldom on some remarkable occasion.
Marcus, when is your birthday? I have my birthday on the Day of Independence. So, my birthday coincides with a state holiday.
 How do you usually spend your birthday?
I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

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 Good Morning My Precious Tamara,

                     How are you doing on this wonderful Wednesday?? How is your week coming along?? Thank you so much for your last letter. I always enjoy receiving mail from you. How is school coming along and how did you do on your tests?? As for New Year, I seen the New Year in with my friends. I agree with you about having children. I wouldn't get married unless it involved having children. What do you think??

                   I think our men look for women in Volgograd/Russia because they are hoping to find something that they can not find here in this country. Here a lot of women are career oriented and I think the men from our country are looking for women which are more family oriented. How does that sound?? Another reason is the age issue. Most women don't feel the same way as you do about a younger woman and an older man. Most woman here seem to want a man there own age and you don't see many woman in their late teens and early twenties married to men in their 30's and 40's. The women here don't have that same feeling about life experience as you do.

              I have been using the internet hoping to find a Volgograd woman interested in marriage and having children. I figured I would have a better oppurtunity using this median. How about you?? I search for a woman in the Russia/Volgograd because I hear they are beautiful and family oriented and you have proven my point. My goal in life is to get married and raise a wonderful family with my loving and supporting wife. What are your goals in life my love?? I must be going,but I look forward to your next letter.

Your Man in America,

Your Man in America, Marcus
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   Good evening Tamara!
 I first want to say that this is one of the craziest things I've ever done, so if I come off strange it's because I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. Anyways, I'm 35 and was bored tonight because I'm past my "drinking with the guys" phase, which unfortunately is the only way to meet women around here.
 So being the spontaneous person I am I decided on a whim to check out the whole mystery behind "meeting beautiful Volgograd women" I hear about on the internet. I have to say this site is definitely the most hard core of them all.
 I also have to say that most of these videos I saw really creeped me out. An interesting learning experience... So regardless, I'm sending this email to you because you were still attractive to me in spite of that poorly made video. Sorry I got off the subject again...
  OK yeah I'm 35, live in WA state, i take care of a nuclear reactor on a submarine, and am getting out of the military next year. My career goal is to get involved in internet security and configure networks for big companies. I'm a strange person though because I'm a computer geek and outdoors sports fan at the same time.
 I'm a big fan of rock climbing, archery, surfing, and snowboarding when it's in season. I like to play music too because if I'm not allowed to have a creative outlet like recording songs or drawing or whatever I go crazy. That's one of the main reasons I'm getting out of the service.
Yeah you know I just realized that I've been writing to you using alot of slang so I hope you can understand this OK. If you are interested you can teach me Russian. Ha ha that would be a trip to Volgograd! I'm a spoiled american that has never had to learn another language besides English so bear with me.
 OK well guess I've written enough hope to hear from you soon! Oh one last thing, I'm a very understanding person so please be honest and speak your mind if you write back.
 It's really hard to offend me if you dont mean it.

Silverdale, WA 98383  United States
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 24 September 2018 11:37 Reply
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