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I am having some several serious tests at the Nizhny Novgorod university this week. I have to get ready for them.

for Him

  Hi, honey !
How are you doing? I am missing you much, I am thinking of you every moment. Thank you very much for your flowers, they are very beautiful. You amaze me every day. I am very happy that you're in my life and in my heart. You are the most extraordinary man I've ever met. I want our first meeting very much. I'll be as happy as you. I hope, you want it, too.
 So, how are you today? How is your family? And your friends? When will Neil come to visit you? I think you'll have a very good time and much fun.
 I am fine. Nothing new with me. I study and work. I work as a promoter. It is the promotion of a new liquor. It's a new alcoholic drink produced by the Nizhny Novgorod company. My work is very interesting, I talk to different people. But at the same time it is rather hard work to do, I don't have any free time. I don't have enough time to study. I leave for the Nizhny Novgorod university in the morning, then I go to work after periods, at 7 p.m. I am home. I have supper and go to bed. I am so tired in the evening that I have no strength to do something. I am glad my work will be over by the end of this month and I will have a rest. I wish you were here with me. You would give me some massage. Time is passing very slowly. It makes me crazy.
 Jane and me went shopping yesterday and we visited the section for children. I was examining toys, different things for children, Jane said one thing I liked very much, "Don't worry, Inna. Peter will come soon and everything will be great". I believe in it. I hope you, too.
 My mother had her birthday this week. We celebrated it in our family circle. My parents now speak about you and us very often, I think it is good. You said your dad used to be a boss... Boss of what? And what does Cason do? I mean at a restaurant? You described your apartment in a cool way. I can now imagine it. It must be very comfortable and nice. By the way, how is Joe? Say "Hi!" to him. Does he still drive you crazy?
 You know, I don't care what country it will be. It must be beautiful, romantic and I'll do it just with you. It should be something extraordinary. I thought about Paris, Egypt or Greece, well, it doesn't matter to me, generally speaking.
 I spoke about ice skating. There is a skating-rink in our city. I know it is fun, but I can't skate. I tried to roller-skate, but it was long time ago. Well, I can't skate at all. You'll teach me or we'll teach each other. It must be real funny.
 Don't worry about your package. I am to get it this week probably. Your roses are very beautiful. Everything you gave me is in my room. So, lots of things make me think of you.
It is very cold, real cold outside now. We are nearly frozen. I worked on St. Valentine's Day and I was thinking of you whole day long. I am having some several serious tests at the Nizhny Novgorod university this week. I have to get ready for them. Are you afraid of anything? What are you afraid of?
 Were there any scaring moments in your life?

Do you remember any?
If you don't want to tell me now, you can do it later. I think we'll have much to talk about when you come.
 I will say good-bye now, but not for long. I miss you. Say "Hi!" to everybody from me. I kiss you, honey.
With deep-deep love,
forever yours,

   from Nizhny Novgorod dating agency, Russia.
pretty Russian girl Inna from Nizhny Novgorod matchmaking agency,


 Hello my sweet.. how are you?  I am well.. I wish I was with you today...
since it is our holiday!  I decided to work on the Fiance Visa paperwork
today.. so I feel as If I am getting closer to you while I am filling it
out!  There are some paperwork that you will need to fill out.. and some
documents you will need to supply, and or make copies of .. I will give you
the list.. and if you want to start on it now.. It will help things go
smoothly.. for the two of us.. That is hoping that we work out great!  I
think we will so that is why I am starting the paperwork now..

You will need..

To fill out the client data form (G-325A)

 If you can use the Nizhny Novgorod dating office internet, and fill out the form online.. it
will save you time.. There is a total of 4 forms to fill out of this.. your
computer will need to use the adobe acrobat program.. it is a common program
on computers.. and I am sure your computer will have it.. Just fill it out,
and print it out and keep it safe until I get there.. I will take it home
with me..

 Also you need the following:  An International passport, a photocopy of the
information page of the international passport, a birth certificate, 2
immigration photos.. ( they must show your right ear, and left eye) and then
English Translations of all the documents that you get (birth certificate

 When I get there.. I will help you with any questions you may have.. if you
cant use the internet to fill out the G-325 form for some reason.. I will
bring a blank copy with me.. you can fill it out then.  Also when we are
there.. We will need many pictures of the two of us together( which I am
sure wont be a problem)  and I need to send some of these pictures in to
proove that we have met!  There is a lot steps, and paperwork to complete..
but It is all worth it in my eyes!

 If you have any questions about any of this.. let me know. and I will try to
help you out!  Ok?  I am almost complete with all of my paperwork.. I just
have to get some immigration photos, and make copies of certain documents..
Everyday is a day closer to holding you in my arms!  

I miss you, and Need you.. very much..
 You are im my heart..
  Yours, Peter

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to Nizhny Novgorod dating manager:
 WIll you please update your website and show that Inna is now married.. or just take her off the website all together.. thank you.. Also.. I have some things to say...
 I first want to thank you or the Nizhny Novgorod matchmaking Website.. because you introduced me to my Beautiful Russian wife. and I am very appreciative of that.. However... I was very disappointed to find out how things went on between you and Inna.. I did not like finding out that you kept certain pictures from me.. and kept certain emails from me.. and making her change some things.. I also did not appreciate hearing that you intentionally kept us from emailing privately via the internet cafes by not letting her know my email.. or my address.. And to find out that you over charged me tremendously for the apartment, the gifts i bought her, and the Flowers... You also told me that you were going to buy Inna some flowers for me when I arrived to Nizhny Novgorod.. And you did not.. so i wasnt able to give her flowers on our first meeting..
 I dont know why you were against us getting married in Nizhny Novgorod.. and why you didnt inform me on the material that i needed in order to get married in Russia.. This caused us to lose 2 full days of fun time together.. and planning a beautiful wedding.. we did have the beautiful wedding, but we had to plan it all in just two days.. that was very stressful.. You also charged me way to much money for the phone use.. I know you are trying to make money.. but this is not the way you should do it.. I really thought you were a kind person with good intentions.. it is obvious that i was wrong..
 I spoke to the Immigration Lawyer that your dating website promotes... and voiced my concerns about all i told you.. he suggest that I call and talk to the matchmaking office in Florida.. and voice my complaints to them.. But before I do this.. i want to give you a chance to respond to this letter.. If I dont hear from you in a reasonable time.. then I will continue on to the Florida office..
 Before I went to Russia.. I had evey intentions to write a great testimony promoting your russian dating website.. but I have to say.. that I am very disappointed with you and your Nizhny Novgorod office..

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 25 September 2018 09:53 Reply
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