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I am very glad to know you may soon come to visit Rostov-on-Don.

for Him

Hello, Tim!

 Thank you very much for your letter. You told me much about yourself. You seem to be very romantic by nature. I am very glad to know you may soon come to visit Rostov-on-Don.

 I live in the city of Rostov-on-Don, the south of Russia. My city is very beautiful and has lots of places of historical and cultural interest.

You say you love dogs. What breeds do you prefer? I love dogs, too.
 I like traveling, reading novels, listening to music, watching TV, camping with my friends. My dearest dream is to travel round the world. I am eager to meet new people.
What could I possibly say about my character? I am very jolly, cheerful, optimistic, energetic, but serious when I have to. I am very decisive and serious in my intentions to have a family.

Happy Birthday, Tim! I wish you health, happiness, love. May sadness never attend you, may the sun always shine for you! I am sorry my wishes are a bit late.

 I did a lot of thinking of relations between men and women. I want my future man to love, value, respect me. Peace and my beloved man's happiness are the most important for me. I will do my best to make my man happy and peaceful. I love children very much, I want to have a daughter who would look like her father.

Tell me something about your job, please. What do you do?
What countries did you visit?
In what way do you picture your future wife? Do you love children?
I will stop here and I hope to hear from you soon, Tim.

Respectfully, Ira 
   from Rostov-on-Don dating agency, Russia.
lovely Russian Girl Ira from Rostov-on-Don matchmaking agency

Hi Ira,
How have you been?  I heard you finally got my package.  Sorry it took so long.  Was it all there and in one piece? 
How is your grandmother doing?  My grandmother is feeling better and is good spirits, however she is still pretty week.  I think I will go visit her later today.
I went to California this last weekend.  I saw the nationals for drag racing at Infineon Raceway by Sonoma.  I have never seen a drag race.  The cars are very powerful and very loud.  They shake the very ground you stand on.  You have to wear ear plugs.  They were reaching 325 mph or 448 kmr in the quarter mile, which is a very short distance.  Incredible!  Their are a lot of wineries around Sonoma so we visited a few with my friends. 
Now I am just working.  We have been busy as usual.  Next week I go out of town again to Southern California for a computer security conference.  It should be interesting.
Well I hope you are doing well.  How is your passport and English classes coming.  Say hi to everyone.  I wish I could of met them all when I was over there.
Take care, with love,
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Hello Ira,

I was browsing the Rostov-on-Don dating site data base and found your matchmaking profile. I am hoping that you will be interested in corresponding with me.

I am widowed and my children are all grown and on their own. I am a well respected software engineer and am now running my own software development business from my home. I have many interests including auto racing, composing music, astronomy, movies, reading, traveling, motorcycling and more.

I have a comfortable home on a few acres a few miles north of Spokane Washington (USA). I have a dog and three cats to keep me company.

I am considered by my friends and family to be honest, stable and reliable. I am fairly easy going with a positive outlook on life and a good sense of humor.

I want to find a woman from Rostov-on-Don who will be my best friend and companion and that I can share my life with and who will share her life with me. It is most important to me that we have a strong friendship and enjoy doing things together.

I hope that you are interested in me and will take the time to respond to my e-mail.



Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 25 September 2018 17:51 Reply
oh beautiful Ira,

you are ever so wonderful and delightful besides being so very pretty.

i have enjoyed reading your letter and would like to thank you. however, you have not sent me any of your pictures and i am very interested in having some. i understand it must be hard for your family to see you leave to America but i also feel it could be for the better. don't you think so? here you could have a better life. you could make more money and even send some to your parents in Rostov-on-Don. i am willing to help you. i want to get to know you better. why? because if i get to know you better i might just fall in love with you and you will fall in love with me too. would you like that? you asked me what i like and dislike. well i like when things are going well for me. i dislike when people pretend to like you but then turn around and talk about you. dishonesty is what i dislike. honesty i appreciate and respect. so if you are honest and sincere about your sentiments and feelings then i will love you much much more because then i will know i have a wonderful and faithful wife that deserves to be treated the same. i am curious about the russian language. it sounds beautiful when i hear it spoken. however, as much as i would like to speak it and understand it, i won't be able to speak it because i have heard that it is a very difficult language to learn. so i will pass on that. i could learn just a few words if you teach me. like for example, if you teach me how to say I Love You then i will know how to tell you i love you in your language.

well my lovely Ira please do not forget to send me your pictures.

i look forward to receiving your letter soon.


Guest Guest 25 September 2018 18:45 Reply
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