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My friend found her second half with the help of Novosibirsk marriage Agency and they are happy now.

for Him

Hello, Leonard!

Thank you for your letter. I'm fine, thanks. I think I'll be even better in my future. And how are you? Yes, you're right. It's not very easy to talk via letters. It's nice that you try to keep me interested. Your letters are easy and pleasant to read.

My friend found her second half with the help of Novosibirsk marriage Agency and they are happy now. I turned to the Novosibirsk matchmaking Agency with the hope to meet a man who'll be my life time partner. I want to live in love, respect and trust with him and to bring up our wonderful happy children. I have always wanted to have a big friendly family.  Leonard, how many kids would you like to have?

Now my family consists of my mother, my elder brother (he's 41 and he lives separately) and my son, of course, Kostik. I have got many acquaintances but only one real friend. I will be able to talk to my close people on the phone and via the Internet, so I do not worry about my leaving them.

I get information about the USA through various sources: TV, people who live there, magazines, newspapers, music, literature. But true impression is possible to get only on visiting the country. What do you know about Russia/Siberia and the Russians? Our city had its anniversary some days ago - now it's 125 years old! It was built according to Nikolaj II order and there's an ancient oak-tree growing in the down town which was planted by Nikolaj II. What's your city's history? I'd like to know your life story. Where did you study? What did your parents do?

I work every day but for Sunday from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. as a manicurist and pedicurist at the beauty saloon. I do some shopping in the evening (Kostya's grandmother is "responsible" for food mostly). Then we have supper, talk, watch some TV. Then I check my son's homework given at school and help him to do it. When he goes to bed I may be busy with my work: I may run the house, talk to my friend or read a book, response letters or work with home clients. I go to bed late at night as a rule, that's why I get up not too early in the morning.

I'd like to have more free time to devote it to my son and my interests. On my day off I try to go for a walk with my son or to go to our summer-cottage to have the harvest or to go to visit some friends. We've got a hamster at home and a kitten Tom. We've got many flowers - now the Chinese rose is in blossom. It's very beautiful! We live in a two-room flat in a 9-storeyed building.

Leonard, where do you live - in a house of your own or in a flat? 
I'll be glad to know more about you. What's your character?
I'll be looking forward to receiving your letter.


       from Novosibirsk dating agency, Siberia/Russia
Estern-European fiancee Daria from Novosibirsk matchmaking agency, Siberia/Russia

Hello Daria,
 I am honored to meet you maam.
Let me tell you alittle about myself: I am an honest american man. I love life and nature. I love to laugh, and smile. I am 5'5" and weigh approximately 145-148 lbs. I have a 28" waist and am in very good condition. I am easy on the eyes also. I believe it is what is on the inside of a person that matters.  I love my family and I hope to have a family to settle down with soon. My interest range from art (sketching, painting) to guitar (blues, rock)to family events and sports. I have a three bedroom house in Wylie, Texas. It is a very nice home. I work with a large computer comp. named Verio. It is world wide. I am an x-military and x-officer. I was a teacher for Law Enforcement in Texas. I taught interpersonal relations, tactical patrol and self defense for law enforcement. I also taught First Aid. I am an Aikido instructor (wingchun) right now and have a small dedicated group of students. I do not drink or smoke. I take good care of my spirit, mind and body. I have not dated in three years as I was waiting for a special Novosibirsk girl who finally found somebody else. I am now saving myself  Mentally, emotionally and physically for my future Siberian wife.

    This is what my helpmate will expect from me: I will be there for her all the time. I will love her with every part of me. I will have eyes for her only. I will treat our lives like a new romance for all of her life. I will laugh with her, cry with her, move her, love her, hold her, romance her, humour her, laugh at her jokes, learn from her, never hurt her, be her best friend, equal partner, lover and dedicated man.

I will always remain in shape for her. I will love her more than any man on the face of this earth. I will make her feel that she is the most intellegent, most loveliest woman that God has offered this world because to me she shall be that. 
I'm very interested in learning more about you. I would love to here about your life, family, career, goals, loves and hates.  
If you are interested in a gentleman who will love you for the rest of your life and stand hand in hand with you and be with you throughout your lifes goals,  I am that man. I will  be there for you to help you achieve your lifes dreams. I have been very, very badly hurt in the past and i have determined that I will love the next lady in my life for the rest of my life. Yes,   I will love you, not only for the rest of your life but for the rest of my life.  I am 41 years old. I am considered handsome by my friends and very healthy. I am very compassionate. I love children. I want very much to learn about you.
If you are interested in me, please write me. 
Till then, take care maam. Hope to here from you soon

   Wylie, Texas 75098 United States
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Dear Novosibirsk dating director,
  This seems like a dream. I have had hard times with relationships with American women.
I have always been kind and loving. I've been told that I was too nice and women here take advantage of nice guys.
I am divorced. I was married for some time and my american wife left me when I became too dedicated to my career as a criminal interdiction Peace officer. After that I promised myself I would never put my career before family again. 

Soon after I met the woman of my dreams. She was tall, athletic, beautiful and tough. Her name was Candy Loveall. I fell inlove with her. She left me for a tall, handsome construction worker with long blond hair after we were engaged for one year. I was devistated. I moved and dissappeared from her for 4 years. I then appeared and started seeing her again after finding out they were divorced (he became an abusive drunk and drug attict). I saw her for 3 years and finally bought a three bedroom house. I was excited. She called me and I told her about the house. She then told me that she is engaged and this other guy already bought her a big house. It hurt very badly. I am a dedicated man. I only have eyes for the woman I am inlove with. I don't drink and I don't use drugs. Is it true I wonder, do the nice guys always finish last. I've been told that I'm too picky choosing my helpmate. I can't just fall inlove with anyone though. She needs to be everything you mentioned: Pretty, slinder, athletic, full of life and love and dedicated to the family.  Do you think I'm asking too much of God when I pray for such a woman. I saw a couple of lovely women on Novosibirsk matchmaking site but if those women were American and looked like that, I would never stand a chance with them.

Sorry for the long winded letter maam.  I just needed to let you know a little about my lousey past with women.  Before these last two relationships, I lost a fiancee to my best friend on Christmas eve. I caught him and her on the couch when I came home early to surprise her for Christmas.  Now I look back and laugh at that one. oh well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Forgive me maam for boring you with these details. Another thing, what should I say to them in the emails.
I'm nervouse. I don't want to insult anyone. Should I really email more than one. How should I talk to them?
Thank you for your help.


Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 26 September 2018 16:02 Reply
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