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My degree of a lawyer is not efficient in Chelyabinsk city, I won't be able to work there according to my profession.

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  Hello, Eric !
My consolations! I'm sorry for your uncle. It's always hard to lose close

Eric, I'd like to ask you... Do you want your future wife to be educated?
Do you want her to have one or even two degrees? Will you give her an
opportunity to study in the USA?

My degree of a lawyer is not efficient in Chelyabinsk city, I won't be able to
work there according to my profession. So, that's why I want to study in
the USA and I want to be a teacher.

I am well at all Humanities. I speak Russian and Byelorussian perfectly well,
but I'd like to master English, too. I'd like to teach history or my native
languages in the USA. All the men in my family are officers and all the
women are medical workers. I'll be the first teacher in our family. I do
love children. They love me and it's easy for me to be with them.
Kids like care and tenderness, they value attention. The point is one
mustn't shout at them.They always follow adults' example. They always
imitate adult people!!!

My congratulations with your first scientific publication, I wish it was
not the last one.

    from Chelyabinsk dating service, Russia/Siberia
wonderful bride Katya from Chelyabinsk matchmaking service

Hi Katya..

How are you..

Yes, I think education is a very high priority.  The long-term benefits of
an education, especially an advanced education are worth the effort.  Of
course I would do everything I could to advance the education of my

Chelyabinsk wife. However, I think there are factors that must be considered. 
I think that one of the two should get a job and maintain financial stability for the two
of them while the other is in school.  A good reason is my car.  Cars are
expensive.  I have a car, but it is not that reliable, and If I were
married, I could not afford 2 cars for both my wife and I.  So we would have
to share.   I have plans to go to graduate school and get a PhD in biology. 
I would like for my wife to work and help me through school.  After I was
done, then I would put her through school as far as she wanted to go.  If we
had lots of money, then both of us could go to school, but then we would not
have as much time to spend together..  So, yes I am happy to help my wife in
all her academic and career goals, but it will take time.

Do you know what I mean??

I think you have good career goals.  I should tell you though, that teachers
do not get paid very much here in the United States.  I have 3 friends who
are teachers.  They do like their jobs and they consider it rewarding, but
when you consider the fact that teachers are college-educated, they do not
make much money.  Teachers get the summer off though.  They only work 9
months a year.  If you want to be a teacher, I suggest you get your degree,
then go for a master's degree, and then work for a private school.  the kids
and parents at private schools care much more about their education.  Public
schools are getting worse and worse.  Too many kids do not want to go to
school.  they do not think much about the future..

I'm not trying to make it sound bad.  I'm just trying to give you quality
information.  There are rewarding jobs as a teacher here in the USA, but you
have to work hard to find them.

You could still be a lawyer if you want over here.  people in the USA change
careers on average 3 or 4 times during their lives.  You must do good in
college in order to go to Law school.  Law school takes about 3 years and it
is very tough.  Tons of memorization.  Lawyers do have reputations for
making lots of money after years of experience.  not all lawyers make tons
of money though.

Anyway, you have a good plan.  Stick to it.

Tell me about what your Chelyabinsk family thinks about you coming to America.. 

How much have you told them?

Eric from America

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Hi Katya, my name is Keith. I saw your matchmaking profile and thought your were an attractive Chelyabinsk lady and I feel that I may have some qualities that you would look for in a man so I decided to take a chance and write to you.

I'm passionate, intense, and full of life. I bring my whole self into whatever I do. I'm playful, fun, witty, with a good sense of humor. I am 41 yrs old, have brown hair, blue/gray eyes, 6'3".  I live just south of Austin, TX, and I am originally from Long island, New York. I really feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind on. Being a person with a good head on my shoulders has allowed me a pretty good perspective and outlook on life. I consider myself an independent-minded, intelligent, and unconventional person. I am a romantic person and I believe in true love, respect and honesty. Some of the things I look for in a woman are that she has a great sense  of humor and a zest for life. Someone who is  caring, sweet, honest, playful, fun to be around and romantic.

Now I don't look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt but I'm not the hunchback from Notre Dame either. I have never been married and have no children. I have been described as a movie buff, book buff, music lover, aspiring writer, love cooking and eating really good food, family values believer, peace-maker, good son, brother and friend.  I am someone who wants his life partner to be his best friend,  warm, kind, loving, supportive and fun.

I also want to tell you a little about the part of the world I live in. I live in Buda, Texas, which is about 11 miles outside of Austin, in the country, but still not that far from all that Austin offers. The reason I really like Austin is that no matter what your lifestyle, Austin has something to offer. Whether you enjoy water-skiing, rock climbing, and mountain-biking.....or outdoor shopping, evening symphonies on the lake-shore overlooking the downtown skyline, and fine dining.....or festivals, live music, and dance clubs, Austin has it.

I would really like to get to know you. If you feel we have anything in common and you would like to get to know me too, then please write back.

Hope to hear from you.

  Buda - Austin TX 78610, United States

Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 29 September 2018 14:09 Reply
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